East Coast Law
Branding, style guide, web design, & collateral​​​​​​​

Rejuvenating this long standing brand on the East coast of Australia was one of the first projects I was responsible for while working at Nimbler Digital. Growing for over a decade, East Coast Law had diversified, and their strength of being one of New South Wales' largest known conveyancing brands was under threat. This meant that keeping the familiarity of the brand was vital, whilst also evolving the whole design and touch-points to something more befitting their stature.
East Coast Law recognised that the way customers used legal services was rapidly changing in an ever more digital world. Renowned for their customer service and relationship marketing, the branding had to be complimentary to their friendly, modern, and refreshing approach to legal services.

AGENCY: Nimbler Digital
​​​​​​​WEB DEV.: Nimbler Digital

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