Waterston Village: A Lifetime of Memories
Book cover & internal page design

Deciding that she wanted to put her life story onto paper, Muriel asked me to compile her words into a book, along with various photos from her past that related to her story. We decided that self-publishing through Blurb was the most practical and cost-effective way to make the book a reality, with proceeds from the book going to a local charity. With this in mind, I set about designing the minimalist, illustrative book cover and internal spreads.

Book Cover Design
My solution for the cover is a wrap-around design consisting of a map with only the waterways around the area talked about in the book marked, combining more classical cover typography design with a modern twist. This left a clear white space where the areas of land are, leaving Muriel’s words to fill in the space. The cover illustration is also included across the spread of the first page of the first chapter with the added names of the villages, in order to provide some context for the coming stories.

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